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The Common Good Agency exists to produce experiences that leave you inspired and energized to change our world!

Our Services

The Common Good Agency focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) capacity building, convening and training, strategic planning, and leadership development. We work with clients to expand their impact by centering equity and expanding EDI competency for systems change, a key capability for leaders seeking to deliver social change for communities.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Consulting

We support organizations to align their values with action as they focus on implementing their equity goals. Through equity audits focused on policy, processes, and programs; training; EDI strategy plans; and executive coaching, we help you ensure systematic change.

Higher Education and Student Development

We help higher education institutions mold students to be better citizens by ensuring their programs and initiatives foster student development in new and unique ways. While respecting tradition and the culture of each individual institution, we help create opportunities for revenue generation and community service.

Convening and Virtual Events

CGA has worked with United Way of Greater Atlanta, The Academy Awards, Nike/Brand Jordan, The Trumpet Foundation, and numerous other agencies to produce unforgettable experiences. Through creative ideation and effective logistic management, CGA has created events with powerful messaging and lasting impact.

Philanthropic Impact Advisor

We advise and guide individuals and families seeking to use their resources, time, talent, and treasure to align their social mission with the most high impact philanthropic endeavors possible.

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