We believe diversity, equity and inclusion is a set of learned practices and behaviors.

When implemented thoughtfully, DEI training and development leads to greater retention, impact and meaningful outcomes in every organization.

Our Founder

The Common Good Agency (CGA), founded in 2003 by Candace Stanciel, is an equity and economic mobility consulting firm focused on capacity building for nonprofits, government entities and higher education institutions. From her work with Island Def Jam Music Group to experiences with New Profit, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and United Way, Candace has led numerous strategic initiatives that deploy capital equitably and advance social impact.

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Our Equity Manifesto

The work to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion is far from a linear journey, nor is the purpose getting it “right.” No organization or leader's journey will be exactly the same. As we continue on our equity, diversity, and inclusion journey and work to help support you on your own, we will rely on our guiding principles.
Equity is both an action and outcome.
Understanding our world’s historical context is central to solving the root causes of the most pressing social issues facing us today.
We all have unintentional ignorance, blind spots, and unconscious biases, and we will only grow by intentionally unearthing them.
There is a difference between the actual discomfort we feel and the perceived danger we fear as we expand our thinking and understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion—in fact, discomfort is normal and necessary.
We each carry both privileged and oppressed identities, and they all matter in our personal equity, diversity, and inclusion journeys.
It is important to create both individual behavior shifts and systemic change, and each of us has unique work to do around expanding equity, diversity and inclusion at an individual and systems level.
An organization’s internal commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion will manifest in outward, observable expressions.
Resources flow in the direction of organizational priorities, so we must prioritize and then resource equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts in order for them to thrive.
Humanity can be and do better, and to realize our collective potential we must act with intention and urgency.
Racial and economic equity are the end goals of our work.
Visit our Services page to learn more about our offering.
Visit our Services page to learn more about our offering.

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